All of our employment workshops are fun, interactive and will provide clients with tools and resources to be successful in today’s labour Market.

Our workshop facilitators are experienced career practitioners and here to help!

Please note, the workshops in purple are for Women only!

The Journey to Employment

2 hrs

Participants will explore the common journey from job loss/unemployment to employment. Topics include: emotional stages of job loss; work/life stressors; coping strategies; community resources; some job search tips and next steps for job seekers. 

Assessing Your Transferable Skills

2.5 hrs

Participants will explore the 3 different groups of skills: personal qualities, information or job skills, and transferable skills. Participants will identify their own skills by examining job specific tasks and the ‘9 Essential Skills’.

Resume Writing

2 hrs

Participants will learn how to create an effective resume, explore different styles and formats, get important tips and learn about the latest trends. Then, participants will work on the computer to create/update/tweak their resume. They will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive some individual support and/or advice on their resume. Participants are expected to work independently on the computer (as much as they can); those who struggle to work independently (or lack basic computer skills) can be referred for 1-1 support.

Cover Letters

2 hrs

Participants will learn how to create an effective cover letter, explore the four main parts of a cover letter, get important tips and learn about the latest trends. Then, participants will work on the computer to create/update/tweak their cover letter. They will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive some individual support and/or advice on their cover letter. Participants are expected to work independently on the computer (as much as they can); those who struggle to work independently (or lack basic computer skills) can be referred for 1-1 support. 

Online Job Search

2 hrs

Participants will be guided through popular online job search sites and learn how to navigate these sites. Participants will then conduct their own online job search. The facilitator will provide additional support and direction as required.

Job Search In Today’s Labour Market

3 hrs
Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Participants will learn strategies to conduct an effective job search; explore where to look for work and how to apply; learn why networking is important; discuss online job sites, the online job application processes and online assessments; explore what/who employers are looking for; discuss Labour Market Information, why is it important and where to find it? 

Interview Skills

3 hrs

Prepare for upcoming interviews and learn tips for avoiding common interview mistakes and minimize nervousness. Participants will explore Interview Do’s and Don’ts; Common Interview Questions and Answers; Behavioural Based Interview Questions. Additional topics include: The Rule of 12; The Rule of 5; The STAR technique, types of interviews and the neglected pre-interview questions.

Talking About Your Disability

1.5 hrs
Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Participants will learn about their rights when it comes to disclosing a disability and why it may be of benefit to disclose a disability; how to effectively disclose a disability during an interview, in a cover letter, and/or once employed; and how to request workplace accommodations.

Note: ‘Interview Skills’ workshop is highly recommended as a precursor to this workshop.

Customer Service Interactive Interview Skills

2.5 hrs
Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Participants will engage in activities designed to develop their customer service skills as well as problem solving, communication and teamwork skills. Individual activities include: product demos, upselling and dealing with a difficult customer. This workshop is ideal for those entering a customer service orientated position or anyone looking to develop new skills and/or prepare for job interviews.

Ready, Set, GOAL

3 hrs

This workshop focuses on Job Readiness and Goal Setting. Participants will examine what ‘Job Readiness’ means, who is job ready and who is not job ready. Clients will explore assets and barriers to employment and complete a job readiness checklist. Participants will learn about SMART goals and create their own SMART goals to address potential barriers to employment.

Go Time

3 full day sessions

A 3 Day Workshop series ideal for new clients who are ‘ready to go’! Main topics include: Job Search, Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Interview Skills and a Mock Interview. There will be a combination of classroom time and online activities. 

Working On It: Strategies for Health and Wellness

2 hrs

In this workshop participants will identify and discuss various aspects of health and wellness as it relates to employment. Community supports and resources will be identified. Stress buster techniques and activities to help reduce and/or manage stress during job search, work and daily living life will be introduced. Guest speakers with ‘lived experience’ will be invited to present and  join in discussions. 

G.R.E.A.T Interview Skills

2 hrs

Basic interview skills for inexperienced job seekers and/or people with intellectual or developmental delays. 

Lead the Way: What Employers Look for and Expect

1 hr

Participants will explore the many skills, qualities, knowledge and abilities employers look for and expect, and seek to identify these elements in themselves.

Mock Interview

by appointment

15-30 minute mock interview with Workshop Facilitator, Elizabeth Fitzner, or Information Resource Specialist, James Smith, tailored to a specific position or industry of interest, followed by feedback, suggestions and/or strategies to improve/enhance interview skills.

Case Managers can make requests for mock interview outside of the scheduled mock interview date on the workshop calendar. 

Racially Visible Women in the Workplace: Body, Mind, and Spirit

Racially visible women are often called upon to put aside their racial and/or community culture to function effectively in the culture of their workplace.  Participants will work to identify what is important to them and how to include these values and priorities in their lives.  This interactive workshop begins the process of creating a balance, leading to the development of a holistic plan for professional success and personal health. Women only.

Career Decision Making

In this 5 session workshop participants will explore the influence of values, interests, and work styles on career choices, engage in a process of self exploration, identify occupations of interest, review Nova Scotia Labour market trends and occupational information, and obtain information on local upgrading and retraining options. Women only.

Confidence Building

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

During this 3 session workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn and utilize a number of techniques designed to increase confidence.  Topics will include the impact of confidence in one’s life, assertive communication, and goal setting. Women only.

Essential Skills for Today’s Workplace

This 4 session workshop is designed to help women develop strategies and approaches for gaining some of the essential skills required for success in today’s labour market. Focus areas include communication, working well with others, problem solving, conflict resolution, and goal setting. Women only.

Job Search Over 45

This 3 session workshop provides women over 45 years of age with opportunities to discuss life and job search issues, to share experiences, and to learn skills in preparation for today’s job search. Women only.  

Job Search Working Sessions

Resume, Cover Letters, Networking/Effective Job Search Strategies, Job Interviews

These four working sessions are designed to help women develop the skills and tools required to job search effectively. Topics include resume & cover letter writing, networking, and job interviews. Participants may attend any or all sessions. Women only.

Personality Dimensions

The ability to communicate effectively with a range of personalities is key to success in any job! In this fun and interactive one session workshop, participants will complete the Personality Dimensions assessment to determine their personality ‘colour.’ They will then have a chance to participate in activities designed to deepen self-understanding and to gain appreciation of all personality types. This workshop will focus on useful communication strategies for inside and outside the workplace. Women only.

Portfolio Development

In this 10 session course, participants will learn the components of portfolio development, and will engage in an in-depth self-exploration process as they learn to recognize and articulate their skills.  Participants will have the opportunity to create a portfolio that represents their life experiences as they relate to personal, educational and career goals. Women only.

How to Address Workplace Bullying

This 4 session workshop explores the sensitive topic of bullying in the workplace. Participants will engage in learning activities and discussions that emphasize strategies for identifying, understanding, addressing, and moving beyond workplace bullying. Women only.

Resume or Cover Letter Critique

5 - 10 mins

A Quick 5-10 minute critique (in person or through e-mail). Feedback and suggestions to improve the overall quality/appearance of your resume/cover letter.

Computer Skills

Need some help on the computer? Get assistance with on-line Job Applications, E-mail, Resumes, Cover Letters, Email, Job search sites, and/or Basic Computer Skills. Drop into our Resource Room and meet with James. Appointments are recommended. 

Case Managers must complete a 1-1 request form for clients to receive Basic Computer Skills assistance.

Career Cruising

By referral. The Career Cruising website is a career exploration website, so it’s great to help job seekers identify what they might like to do for a career. An email account is required. The ‘Assessment’ section takes about 30-40 minutes. You can also explore the other 3 sections of the website, ‘Careers’, ‘Education’, and ‘Employment’. Case Managers can complete a request form for this 1-1 service or clients can utilize our username and password to work independently on the site.

Career Cruising Login in: 

Username: teamwork 

Password: halifax