Who We Are

TEAM Work Cooperative

TEAM Work Cooperative is celebrating its 20th year of service, supporting persons to secure and maintain employment. Under the direction of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director our philosophy is client centered. This means that in all of the ways that we do our work, it is done with passion and commitment to keeping our clients’ best interests at the forefront at all times.

Mission: To facilitate inclusive employment and workplace opportunities for people in Nova Scotia.

Vision: All persons in Nova Scotia will have access to inclusive employment.

All persons, regardless of their ability have an equal opportunity to lead meaningful, active, and proactive lives as a member of society.
At TEAM Work we provide case management, career counselling and employment maintenance. Also, we specialize in job development, job mentoring, creative job carving and job search skills.

TEAM Work Cooperative is a Nova Scotia Works Employment Services Centre. To learn more about Nova Scotia Works, please watch a short but informative video by clicking HERE




Janice Ainsworth – Executive Director
Marcus Jamieson – Client Service Coordinator / Career Practitioner
Judy Turner – Operations Manager / Career Practitioner


Michelle Barnhill – Reception / Administrative Assistant
Angela Bryden – Administrative Assistant
Jeanette Paynter – Financial Controller
David Wareing – Opportunity Fund Manager

Case Management

Stephanie Berry – Case Manager / Career Practitioner / Women’s Services
Marie-Josée Crawford – Case Manager / Career Practitioner
Hannah Hefler – Case Manager / Career Practitioner / Women's Services
Jonathan Hall – Case Manager
Susan Wheaton – Case Manager / Career Practitioner
Megan Ducey - Case Manager
Lauren FitzGerald - Case Manager
Daniel Riley – Case Manager
Jason Fernandes – Case Manager

Job Development

Jeff Vander Velde - Job Developer
Pratibha Popat - Job Developer

Employment Support

Elizabeth Fitzner – Workshop Facilitator / Career Practitioner
Matt Jamieson – Employment Support Practitioner
Gina Kokoska – Employment Support Practitioner
Mike Little – Employer Engagement Specialist
James Smith – Information Resource Specialist
Lloyd Thomas – Employment Support Practitioner
Hayden Jacobi - Resource Room Support
Nathaniel McIntyre - Resource Room Support/IT

Employment NOW Program

Myra Dunning - Program Coordinator
Gail Kelly - Employment Coordinator


Murray VanDewater – Past Chair/Co-Chair



Simon Hurd – Treasurer (Senior Recruiter, Recruitment & Learning)





Corinne Steele – Co-Chair (RSW, MSW, Private Practitioner)





Nadine Wentzell Secretary (Workplace Drug & Alcohol Consultant)





Janice Ainsworth – Staff/Ex-Officio (Executive Director, TEAM Work Cooperative)





Judy Turner – Staff/Ex-Officio (Operations Manager, TEAM Work Cooperative)





Bonnie Waugh – Member-at-Large (Erica Baker Psychological Services Ltd.)





Robert LaPierre – Member-at-Large





Norma Lewis – Member-at-Large (Health Services Manager, Connections)





Brian Tapper – Member-at-Large (Vocational Counsellor, QEII Health Sciences Centre)





Tanya Sieliakus – Member-at-Large (VP Consulting Services)





Brian Aird – Member-at-Large (Executive Director, Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network)





Joyce Halpern – Member-at-Large (Women's Employment and Advocacy Society (WEAS))





Dianna Burns – Member-at-Large (Women's Employment and Advocacy Society (WEAS))









ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching Ltd.

Affirmative Industries Association
Anchor Industries Society (AIS)
Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia (BIANS)



Building Futures
Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
Canadian National Institute for the Blind, The (CNIB)
Canadian Paraplegic Association (Nova Scotia)
Centre for Women in Business
Connections Clubhouse
Consumer Initiative Centre - Employment (CICE)
Dalhousie University College of Continuing Education
Dartmouth Adult Service Centre (DASC)
Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network (EDN)
Independent Living Nova Scotia Association
Laing House
LakeCity Employment Services Association
Nova Scotia Association for Community Living
Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)
Prescott Group
Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre - Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre Site
Saint Mary's University, Business Development Centre



Self-Help Connection
Society of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nova Scotians (SDHHNS)
Solutions Learning Centre
Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia


Learn about Shaping Inclusive Employment for Tomorrow (SHIFT)